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Категория Америка

Чемпионат Англии от BBC
Среда, 10 Февраль 2010

Arsenal v Liverpool

Arsenal v Liverpool

Arsenal have had three difficult games against Aston Villa, Man Utd and Chelsea - and picked up just one point from them.

The problem for Arsene Wenger's team is that influential forward Robin van Persie remains a long way off returning.

Liverpool aren't exactly playing all that well but are unbeaten in the five games since their FA Cup defeat against Reading.


Бейсбол от aaaz
Пятница, 26 Сентябрь 2008

Milwaukee Brewers - Chicago Cubs
Tomorrow, 03:00
US Sports MLB

Pick:  Milwaukee Brewers ML   Result: Pending
Stake:  8/10   Odds:  1.91
Bookmaker:  Sportingbet   vCash: Yes  
Posted: Today, 19:03

Milwaukee Brewers meet at home tonight Chicago Cubs like a small favorite.The Brewers will faced rivals the Cubs which team win already National League tittle and resting till the end on the regular season.

Interesting is the Brewers didnt win this season at home against Chicago and this will be one more motivating reason to get revenge.They are fight for wild card with Phila and the Mets so no mistakes will guarantee playoffs for their team after finishing on regular season. Подробнее...

NFL.Американский футбол.6-я неделя от Target
Пятница, 12 Октябрь 2007
NFL.Американский футбол.6-я неделя.

Н.Й Джетс – Филадельфия
Нелучший старт у этих команд – по одной домашней победе при 4 поражениях. Фаворитом пары идут гости…Пожалуй соглашусь,так как “сердце” Джетс Чэдд Пеннингтон получил травму на прошлой недели в нью-йоркском дерби с Джайентс,а молодой 23-летний Клеменс пока полноценно заменить его не может.Он выходил в первых стартовых матчах против Балтимора и Нью-Ингланд и оба матча Джетс проиграл.С пасом у него явно проблемы. Чего не скажешь о QB гостей,многоопытном Доноване Мак Наббе,пятый сезон ведущий ”орлов”,у которого с этим все в порядке. К тому же хозяева остались из-за травм без ведущих Эллиса (LE) и Колемана(RE) ,тем самым сильно ослабив защиту обоих флангов, и ресивера Колза,на счету которого 4 ТД и 300 ярдов (лучший показатель в команде).

MBL от UScapper
Пятница, 07 Июль 2006

MLB Free Play 7th July 
2 points Boston @ 2.25 Pinnacle
01:35 GMT Boston @ Chicago WS

The Red Sox look for revenge for being swept by the White Sox in the post-season last year and on paper atleast the signs are favourable. Buehrle, who toes the rubber for the Chi Sox made 3 starts against Boston last year, allowing 15 runs in 20 innings of work. The Red Sox send rookie lefthander Jon Lester to the bump and he has allowed 3 or less runs in all 5 of his starts this year with Boston going 4-1.


MLB from USCappers
Пятница, 23 Июнь 2006

MLB Free Plays 23rd June. 
2 points Colorado @ 1.83 Pinnacle
2 points Toronto @ 2.05 Pinnacle

02:05 GMT Texas @ Colorado

Colorado is 5-1 in Interleague action this year. Francis is 3-2 in six home starts this year and he has won 2 of his last 3 starts. Koronka has a 5.51 ERA his last 3 starts and the Rangers come in off 3 consecutive losses.


MBL от UScapper
Воскресенье, 18 Июнь 2006

MLB Free Plays 18th June. 
1 point Boston @ 1.83 Pinnacle
1 point Boston (-1.5) @ 2.35 Cris
01:05 GMT Boston @ Atlanta

One thing that's holding up really well this season is playing on road teams looking to complete a three game sweep. For the season, they're an impressive 28-17, including 17-7 as favourites.


MLB from USCappers
Пятница, 09 Июнь 2006

MLB Free Play 9th June. 
2 points Cincinnati (-1.5) @ 2.36 Pinnacle

00:05 GMT Chicago Cubs @ Cincinnati

The Cubs Greg Maddux is struggling big time allowing 21 runs in his last 22 1/3 innings of work. Not good news for the Cubbies as Cincinnati is hot right now pounding out an average of 8 runs a game over their last 7 games. If those facts aren't bad enough, the Cubs have dropped four of their last five played and have won just seven times from 27 attempts when priced as a underdog. The Reds are the second highest scoring team in MLB and are going up against a pitcher who has struggled recently.


MLB from USCappers
Четверг, 08 Июнь 2006

MLB Free Play 8th June. 
2 points Oakland/Cleveland (Over 10) @ 1.83 Cris

17:05 GMT Oakland @ Cleveland

Eric Wedge eventually made the move and dropped Peralta out of the three hole and put Hafner there. He should have done this weeks ago. That move sparked the Tribe and I think they'll score a bunch more in this series, which leads to the play on the 'over'.


MBL от UScapper
Вторник, 06 Июнь 2006

MLB Free Play 6th June. 
2 points Texas (-1.5) @ 1.80 Pinnacle

01:10 GMT Texas @ Kansas City

Rangers ace Kevin Millwood is certainly not having the season he had last year with the Tribe as far as ERA goes, but he's certainly notcing up the wins and is on course to grab 17 wins at the present rate being set. So far for 2006, the Rangers are ranked 4th in the American League in batting average and hits and 6th in RBI. Just imagine what the Rangers could be doing if they had any starting pitching at all. But aren't those same words utterd every season? Surprisingly Texas have performed better on the road this season (15-10) as opposed to home (15-16). Now the rangers get the chance to display their offensive power against the worst team in baseball.


MBL от UScapper
Понедельник, 05 Июнь 2006
MLB Free Play 5th June.

1 point NY Yankees @ 1.82 Betcom

00:05 GMT Boston @ NY Yankees

Mussina has been excellant for the Pinstripes this season, as he has re-modelled himself with the change up that's keeping batters off-balanced. Coming off a complete game against Detroit where he allowed Nil earned runs (the one run that crossed the plate was charged as an error) just added to his already impressive start. Mussina is 7-1 this year with a 2.42 ERA. In his 12 starts this year, he has never allowed more than three earned runs, allowing two ERs or less in eight outings. Beckett's has pitched well early this season but has been less than stellar on the road where he sports a 5.77 ERA


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