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From BetAndWin to Bwin

Open account at BWIN & Get 30 EUR

From BetAndWin to Bwin

Until 2006 Bwin was working under another brand name BetAndWin.com. But in 2006 company decided to change it. According to official press release posted at https://adserver.itsfogo.com/click.aspx?zoneid=13810 the development of the brand BetAndWin into Bwin was based on comprehensive analyses of past images regarding strengths and weaknesses with the goal of developing existing potentials of the original brand BetAndWin in the best possible way and of creating good fundamental conditions for future developments. “Bet and win” has actually not been suitable for already quite some time for the actual assortment of entertainment offerings, which consist of sport bets, poker, casino games, soft games as well as live-audio- and video-streams.

Also the brand name did not fulfill the desired requirements regarding a differentiation from the competition. Just like BetAndWin had already, numerous on-line gaming companies decided to use the word “bet” themselves as part of their brand names: Betfair, Bet365, Sportingbet, Centrebet, Betsson, Canbet, Betinternet and bet-at-home, just to name a few.

For the reasons mentioned above in July 2006 Betandwin was renamed into Bwin.

Bwin sponsorship deals

To make its brand more popular Bwin is sponsoring many sporting events in Europe including professional teams.

The traditional catalan club FC Barcelona has been a Bwin partner for many years. In Italy, a cooperation relationship is maintained with the record-holding team, Juventus Turin. Also in the package is the first Portuguese soccer league, which has been known as the bwinLIGA since 2005/06. And soccer players of the team, FC Slovan Liberec, wear the Bwin logo on their team jerseys as well. Additionally, Bwin sponsors the Italian soccer club A.C. Milan, and the team members wear the company logo on the team jersey. In June 2007, Bwin became main sponsor of Real Madrid.

Sponsoring contracts have been made with other sports such as the MotoGP World Championship, the International Basketball Association (FIBA), the Kite Surf Pro Tour in Tarifa (Spain), as well as many other top events in the international and local sports world.

Bwin promotions

30 EUR Promotion
Bwin offers to enter the thrilling world of sports betting now and secure up to EUR 30 extra in bet credit. To get Bwin bonus you should

1. Register at Bwin
2. Deposit at least EUR 10 into your betting account within 10 days after your registration
3. Bwin will double your amount up to EUR 30.
This promotion is valid only for residents of France.

EUR 10 + 10 Free Bet promotion
Another popular Bwin promotion is available for all customers. You can receive a EUR 10 Free Bet for every friend you refer to Bwin. The most interesting part of this promotion is that your friend gets the same. But please have in mind that your betting account will be credited with your commission within 36 hours after your friend wagers a total of EUR 30.

Reason to open account at Bwin

1) Football betting line. Bwin main advantage over other bookies is their betting line. Bwin users can choose from more than 80 sports to make a bet. Football punters should have account at Bwin only because of fact that at Bwin they can bet on 500 leagues from more than 100 countries. That’s really one of the widest lines on the betting market. So if you like soccer betting Bwin will provide you with widest selection of bets.

2) Live betting. Bwin have one of the best live betting platforms on the market. These days most of European bookies trying to integrate live betting into their business but Bwin are current leaders on live betting market. Only at Bwin live betting you will be able to place bet on additional event’s line not only on money line like most of bookies suggest. In example you can make bet on any serve, any game in tennis, who will score first 10/20 points in basketball, who will score next goal in football and many other selections. Really worth trying to enjoy. If you like in-play betting Bwin is good bookmaker for you.

3) Wide bet selection. Personally what I like in Bwin basketball line is that they provide big selection of additional bets (i.e. which quarter will be most scoring, how many points player will score, over/under line usually have HT and FT totals as well team individual totals and many other similar additional for every basketball game). The same situation exist on soccer market where you can always choose from very wide selection of bets not including old-fashioned and usually non-profit in long term betting money line.

4) Early lines. What I like in Bwin is their early lines. If you have a time to monitor their lines you will be really surprised with odds on favs in the early line. Bwin is one of the biggest European bookies so they don’t afraid to provide own lines for some tournaments (especially on markets where they have strong lines makers i.e. European basketball)

5) Bwin Live score. Not many bookies for some reason like to display games live scores (excepts those where they have live-betting offers) on their websites. Bwin have live score link (in the left bottom corner) where you can watch live score games for most of sports. Sure speed is not very fast but it is enough to stay informed about your pick status. Also some times I use Bwin as live score for basketball games. Some time league official live scores are not working and if game is broadcasted on TV and Bwin is offering live score for this game you will be able to watch game basketball play-by-play live score at Bwin.

6) Design. Bwin web site is one the best I have ever seen. Very easy to use and to understand where to go and what to do for bet placing. I also like their new script based design so you should wait while html page will load in browser.

Bwin disadvantages review

I don’t see any really important see in Bwin but I will tell you some of them from my experience and experience of my friends.

1) “Shortened odds”. Bwin is well-branded international bookmaker and in my eyes have too many customers if they use “cut odds” techniques. In example, correct line for European basketball match should be 1.40-2.70 but if there is big chances of away team win Bwin can cut away win odds and leave home win odds the same in result we will see something like this 1.40-2.55. Such “cut odds” are often in tennis line because there are many good underdogs every day. So if you like to bet on tennis before match Bwin is not a best place for you. But if you like to bet in-play on tennis matches Bwin could be a good choice.

2) 7.5% Margin. Most markets available at Bwin have 7.5% margin (1.85-1.85 line for level chances line) and it’s not looking competitive because of big competition from other low margin bookies like Pinnacle, and betting exchanges where is no margin at all. For more popular markets like Euroleague Bwin offer better line but for most markets it’s quite high. In you betting strategy based on flat system it would be difficult for you to beat Bwin odds overround in long term. But if you manage you finances well and have good winning percentage wide market selection and wide line could help to beat Bwin bookmaker.

3) Low odds on favorite. Bwin is a big bookmaker and sometimes they take risk and provide first line for some events without waiting other bookies. Early lines usually have many mistakes but if you were not first on this line and have not placed a bet after few hours you will see much lower line on correct favorite. In example Milan at home will be favorite against Sparta with odds average odds of 1.35, but Bwin few hours left before kickoff will have 1.25 for Milan to win. It happens because Bwin have many customers who put big sums on favorites because public love them more than underdogs.

4) Maximum bet sizes. Another important problem for most of successful bettors. When your winning rate is too high for bookmaker they usually try to minimize your maximum bet size. Unfortunately this problem exists at Bwin. At least I know several people who were forced to open new accounts because their old ones were with very low maximum stakes. So if your average bet size is higher than 1000 EUR there is an opportunity that after several winning streaks your account will be affected by this rule.

Bwin review summary

Bwin is one of the most popular bookmakers in Europe because of its brand and marketing activity worldwide. Unfortunately it affects a bit on their lines and behavior to professional punters.  Bwin have probably richest soccer line comparing to most of bookies but their margin of 7.5% (or even higher sometimes) is too much for professional punters.

It’s not recommended to use Bwin as your main bookmaker because of their margin. But if you are always looking for early lines Bwin could be good solution because sometimes they roll out lines first especially when we talk about big basketball tournaments like Eurobasket, Euroleague, FIBA events and few more.

Here is a short list of “IF factors” to review before opening account at Bwin:

Register at Bwin if you:

  • Looking for responsible international bookmaker
  • Looking for wide line with many positions to wager
  • Like in-play betting (live betting)
  • Like to make to bet on early lines
  • Like to play statistics bets (over in quarters, periods, corners, how many points player will score in basketball game and so on)
  • Like to make bets for fun

Open account at BWIN & Get 30 EUR

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