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  From BetAndWin to Bwin 09.02.2009

Open account at BWIN & Get 30 EUR

From BetAndWin to Bwin

Until 2006 Bwin was working under another brand name BetAndWin.com. But in 2006 company decided to change it. According to official press release posted at https://adserver.itsfogo.com/click.aspx?zoneid=13810 the development of the brand BetAndWin into Bwin was based on comprehensive analyses of past images regarding strengths and weaknesses with the goal of developing existing potentials of the original brand BetAndWin in the best possible way and of creating good fundamental conditions for future developments. “Bet and win” has actually not been suitable for already quite some time for the actual assortment of entertainment offerings, which consist of sport bets, poker, casino games, soft games as well as live-audio- and video-streams.

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  Sportingbet online betting 09.02.2009

Screenshot of Sportingbet.com

Website Address: http://partner.sbaffiliates.com/processing/clickthrgh.asp?btag=a_7762b_631

Year Established: 1995

Licensed in: Alderney

Gambling offered in: Sportsbook, Casino, Poker, Racebook, Backgammon

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  gamebookers.com 09.02.2009
Company name: Gamebookers
Working since: 1998
URL: https://www.gamebookers.com/promotions.action?promo=gb_25bp_en_lp&l=EN&wm=2859675
Gif Banners
Languages: International
Deposit Options: Credit Card, Bank Wire, Cheque, Western UNI0N Quick Pay, NETeller, MoneyBookers, WebMoney, Paybox, eps-payment, Paysafecard and debit card.
Customer Service phones: +1-800-886-1197, 020 8880 4090 (UK), 020 7681 3083 (Austria), 0800 907 837 (France), 00800 161 220 516 26 (Greece), 810 800 253 310 12 (Russia)
Email: info@gamebookers.com info@gamebookers.com This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it
Live Help: Not available (only phone support)
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  5Dimes.com Sportsbook Introduction 14.04.2009

Bet at 5Dimes

Sportsbook Introduction

5Dimes is a field of dreams for sports wagering. With more sports and games to bet on than most gambling web sites, 5Dimes is a one-stop shop to get in on the action.

5Dimes has everything from boxing to baseball, handball to hockey, and formula one to football. And that's only a sample. 5Dimes has the biggest variety of sporting events throughout the world, and some events you would never expect to have the opportunity to wager on, like European water polo. And there's an endless amount of choices in wager types, including straight bets, parlays, teasers, pleasers, monsters and if bets. Rolling if wagering can be applied to most pending plays.

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  Sunderlands Bonus Offers 04.05.2009

We bring to the online industry over 60 years of experience and security.

Our philosophy is clear. We are proud to be one of the oldest bookmakers in the United Kingdom, with a solid reputation for service, fairness and integrity.
Our mission is to provide a complete betting and gaming solution to all our customers, by offering a friendly personal service, great promotions and value for your hard earned betting money. In short, we aim to put the face back into the Internet!
This service is owned and operated by SOL NV Limited, a legal and licenced Company based in Curacao in the Dutch Antilles.A dedicated customer service team is located in Malta to handle any problems that you may experience when using the site. Our customer service lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week including a Freephone number for calls from the UK and Ireland.

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The origins of the rateform method come from The Rating Of Chessplayers by Professor Elo, and from the Punters Revenge by Tony Drapkin and Richard Forsyth. The basis of the rateform method is that each team is given a points score based on their current form. Although this sounds simple, and it is, its calculation is a little more involved.

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  888sport.com 03.06.2009


The 888 Group

The 888 Group is headquartered in Gibraltar. Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited ("Cassava") exists within the 888 Group and is the owner and operator of the 888sport.com Internet site. Cassava also operates www.888.com - an online venue for casino, poker and bingo games.

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  Betoto.com - греческий вариант Bwin 30.06.2009
betoto - Sports Betting Excitement!

The new generation of fixed odds betting service for the punters worldwide is here! betoto.com comes to set new standards in the betting world by introducing a revolutionary approach on how to bet on sports and events. Covering most worldwide sports events, betoto.com aims at the top!

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  GoldBet.com is an Austrian registered company 30.06.2009


GoldBet is an Austrian registered company, operating as a bookmaker across all of Europe, authorized and licensed by the Austrian Authorities and subject to rigorous audit on all its activities for the purposes of consumer protection and to guarantee the highest level of quality and trustworthiness.

Bookmakers License Number:
lla-10.083/14-00 granted on 13.11.2000 from the office of the Government of Tyrol.
Company Register Number:
FN 197659a awarded by the Company Register Tribunal of Innsbruck (Austria)
Jurisdiction: Government of Tyrol, Innsbruck (Austria).

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  betgun.com the internet sports betting site 30.06.2009

betgun.com the internet sports betting site is owned by Internet Betting Group S.A. company registered with number 3101419933 in governmental register of companies in Costa Rica (Registro Nacional Costa Rica).
The operating of IBG S.A. is held on the basis of all licenses and permissions required by Costarican law.

Betgun.com provides safe and legal  sports wagering on sporting events 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

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